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shida murals overwhelm with size, dynamic strokes and ability to extract a “whoah!”

Shida is an Australian street artist who’s causing a bit of a stir in the art world. Take a look at his work and you’ll see why.



If you look closely, he’s made the boy emerge from one wall and spread onto another. Sure, that’s been done before, but it’s a masterful touch that works well with the piece itself.



Check out his fan club over on Tumblr for more of his work, large and small.

Shida has a show coming up. Here’s the info from his flickr stream:

Shida’s HIGHER PLANES opening the 21st of August, 6pm.
The Tate Gallery.
345 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe Sydney.
Exhibition continues until Sunday 25th August / 12-5pm Daily.

SHIDA’S new body of work, HIGHER PLANES is writhing with Dionysiac energy. Arabesque figures coil amidst deciduous branches, as fluid, mountainous panoramas reflect SHIDA’s painterly dynamism. Through HIGHER PLANES, SHIDA continues to experiment with visual space and landscape painting. Contrasting his traditionally fluorescent palette with phthalo blues, Shida uses layered brushstrokes to create shuffling, otherworldly scenes.

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