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Say hi to our faculty at SPX 2015!

Our faculty is all over the place these days. Not in a scattered kind of way, but in a how-can-we-possibly-keep-up kind of way. Luckily, we can say with certainty that quite a few of them will be at SPX 2015 this weekend. The show is a favorite around here, which isn’t a big surprise considering we’re called Visual Narrative.

Jim Rugg, fresh off of his Eisner award for Little Nemo, will be at SPX at table N-9. 

Jim Rugg

Benjamin Marra of Traditional Comics, fresh off his launch of  TERROR ASSAULTER: O.M.W.O.T. will be at table N10.

Benjamin Marra

Nathan Fox, nose-deep in EKOH for Vertigo Comics, will be at tables 44-46.


Ryan Weber will be at table F2 with MFAVN alum and students, Feifei Ruan, Jenny Goldstick, Craig CossAlexandra Beguez and Masami Kiyono

Ryan Weber


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