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Sarah Shaw (’20) talks about her thesis story, ‘Finding Hope’

“Hope was born in 1903 on a mountain in New Hampshire, and in her twenties and thirties, she embarked on long journeys to live and teach in places like Alaska and the Philippines. However, as she was residing in Manila at the start of WWII, Japanese soldiers invaded the islands, and she was sent to an internment camp, where she dedicated her time to organizing a school and teaching the children.” – Sarah Shaw (’20)

Sarah Shaw is an illustrator, visual storyteller, and teacher who has lived and worked in the United States, South Korea, Colombia, and Nepal. Navigating life as a foreigner has allowed her to see the world from unique perspectives, enhance her observational skills, and channel those experiences into her art. Her work is primarily nonfiction and incorporates themes such as history, family, travel, adventure, and world cultures. Currently, she is comfortably stranded in southern Maine until it’s safe to travel again, at which point she may or may not wander off on a new adventure.

Finding Hope

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