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Put some great books under the tree, care of Anna Eveslage and Alex Beguez!

Anna Eveslage (’15) and Alexandra Beguez (’16) have new books ready for the holiday season.

A photograph of a diner interior shows three figures lit by morning in a gray and blue room. At the left bar, a feminine figure with light skin cradles a small child in their lap. At the right table, an older masculine figure with light skin eats from a plate of food.

Eating Alone

Anna Eveslage (faculty, MFA Visual Narrative; MFA 2015 Visual Narrative)

Paperback, $40

“This collection of images is from my project, Eating Alone. Each of these images has a short written vignette accompanying it telling the stories of the characters depicted, which can be found in the printed edition of the book.” – Anna Eveslage on ‘Eating Alone’

Photo of the book Guantanamo Voices (Abrams Books) with work by Alexandra Beguez ('16)

Guantanamo Voices (Abrams Books)

Edited by Sarah Mirk; Illustrations by Alexandra Beguez (MFA 2016 Visual Narrative) and other artists.

Hardcover/e-book, $24.99, $13.99

“An anthology of illustrated narratives about the prison and the lives it changed forever.”

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