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Presenting the Sweaty Palms comic anthology!

We’re so proud to support Liz Enright, MFAVN student, on her latest publication, Sweaty Palms! She and her partner-in-comics Sage Cofey are gathering some of the brightest talent in comics in an effort to enlighten and educate people on anxiety and mental illness. Some of the MFAVN family in the anthology include Stephanie Hovden, Barbara Geoghegan, and Christina Ebert.

Here’s the description of the project by Liz and Sage:

Sweaty Palms is an autobiographical comics anthology about anxiety. The book contains more than 350 beautiful pages of black and white comics by 50 incredible indie cartoonists. We’ve collected their stories to present a very intimate and comprehensive look at what it’s like living with anxiety.

This anthology is our way of helping to destigmatize mental illness. As cartoonists, we can’t think of a better medium for the job! Visual storytelling gives a face to abstract things, like anxiety, which can be very difficult or painful to convey otherwise. It is our hope that readers will connect with the stories and know that they aren’t alone.

We hope you’ll consider sharing or backing. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!

Here are some peeks at the work and the Kickstarter extras. To see the whole treasure trove head to the Kickstarter page and chip in!

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