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Pilar Newton-Katz (’20) talks about her thesis story, ‘Snozzlewinks!’

Pilar Newton-Katz (’20) talks about her thesis story, ‘Snozzlewinks!’
Snozzlewinks! is about Stella, a 12-year-old girl who loves to draw her whimsical creature creations. She goes everywhere with her best friend, a talking iguana named Sam. Stella’s having the worst day ever at school. She presents her drawing assignment that she worked really hard on to class only to have the ornery Mr. Oaks tells her that her drawing of a monster turkey is not up to snuff. That’s not a good feeling for an aspiring young artist to hear.
Then, to make matters worse, after school, she angers mean-girl Shelly who chases her and Sam into the nearby park. When they attempt to hide, Stella and Sam crawl into a hidden tunnel that leads to another world. Stella and Sam meet Winkle and Maria, two magical creatures called Snozzlewinks, who help them make their way in the strange new world where they find themselves. Then Stella, Sam, and their new Snozzlewink friends get captured by the dastardly villain Taggoff, who thinks that Stella’s sketchbook is a book that conjures magical creatures. Taggoff wants the book so he can create magical creatures for himself.
As if things weren’t bad enough, Shelly the mean girl shows up and joins forces with Taggoff to seek her revenge on Stella and Sam! Stella has had it up to here with her drawings, her creature creations, and her sketchbook. Because of her drawings, she gets put down by her teacher, gets chased into a strange tunnel that leads to another world, and now the dastardly Taggoff is after her and her friends! Her art causes nothing but trouble and it would be better if she stopped drawing altogether!
Can she gain confidence in her talents and maybe even save the day? Find out in this wild adventure!
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