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Oculus launches Quill (think ‘Paint’ for VR)

We had the pleasure of hosting Bernie Yee from Oculus in 2015 before the VR headset hit the market. My class saw some amazing stuff during his demo, but apparently Bernie’s team was working on something even more amazing. Case in point, Quill.

Quill is a VR paint program that allows you to draw in 3D space with the Oculus headset. What does that mean exactly? Well, you can get the software for free on the Oculus store (with the¬†purchase of the Oculus Touch) and try it out for yourself (assuming you have the headset). In a nutshell, your heart’s desire is now virtually possible. If you can imagine it, then imagine it in 3D and then make it visible for all to see. Here are some examples of work done by Oculus Story Studio folks:

Here’s the first in a series of tutorials on how to use Quill:

And here are some sites that have covered the software:

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