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NEW CLASS: Architecting the Story

Our new Continuing Education class Architecting the Story is taught by Director and producer, Christina Roussos.

Ready to immerse yourself in your work, find a community and contextualize your ideas? Architecting the Story is an incubator for artists across disciplines who have a narrative project they want to start or are struggling to finish. Whether you already have a body of work or are just starting out, this course offers a collaborative support system to help develop and produce a story while presenting the skill sets, insights and feedback necessary to bring the project to life-and ultimately to its chosen audience or client(s). During the course, students will be asked to approach their project in different ways, take risks, explore and discuss various fields and media in narrative art, and hear from guest speakers sharing their own project and story development processes. Students will focus on building collaboration, research, story production, fundraising, written proposals and presentation skills that will culminate in an evening of public presentations. By the end of the course students will know how to articulate the what and the why of their project clearly, and be able to confidently take their project to fruition. Architecting the Story is appropriate for creators in any field or media where communication, concept development and creative collaboration are essential.

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