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Narrative Object | Objective Narrative

We love stories. That means we love surprises. So it was a real pleasure to have the July 11, 2013 class.

For the past five intensive weeks each student has been developing their creative writing and visual storytelling skills in the Narrative Object | Objective Narrative class. Every student knew the final summer workshop project was coming, they just didn’t know when or what form it would take.

At the end of last Thursday’s class a cart of gift-wrapped white boxes with black ribbon was wheeled into the classroom. Each student was instructed to choose a package at random. Each package contained one unique yellow object.

We don’t want to give too much away (remember, we like surprises!) but here’s the gist of it. The challenge of the assignment is to investigate the story and meaning in their object, its color, texture, and shape. From that foundation, each student must guide a narrative conversation between that object and their own character, created earlier in the term.

After the assignment was given, Print Magazine’s Steven Heller (and editor/writer of 158 books!) came by to give a lecture on his objects and addiction/obsession with collecting artifacts of popular culture advertising and design in order to preserve their history, fuel his work and feed his itch. He also spoke about his career and stories on design, type, narrative and authorship.

Check back for more installments in the series, and see how the projects come together! You can be sure to stay on top of things by following us on Twitter.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the program, check out our info page.

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