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Nadia DeLane (’15) releases ‘A Travel Companion’ for wandering souls

One of our favorite ways to start the day is seeing a new project by MFAVN alumni pop up.

So you can imagine how happy we were to see that Nadia DeLane (’15) has released a new book titled ‘A Travel Companion’. The book invites the reader to document their own travels as they enjoy stories about her adventures.

A Travel Companion

From Nadia’s site: “A Travel Companion is an inside-out poetic travel companion designed for inspirational beings to create, remember, and record the travel experiences they dream of. Intangible memory, playfulness, and inspirational sparks show up in unpredictable ways. A kiss, a burst of flavor, an old story told to a new friend—it will all arrive when you get there. My hope is that you color, sketch, and add on. May your trips be blessed.”

The paperback book is currently $25 on Amazon.

Learn more.

Coif City


‘Coif City’ is inspired by the interviews and conversations Nadia had with over two-hundred women in New York City. It’s a wonderful exploration of identity and the things that connect us.

Learn more.

Memory Opus


From Nadia’s site: “Memory Opus puts experiential knowledge at the forefront. Our lives are often told in statistics. This project highlights the resilience of our communities and the power of voice. Read more on her site.

Be sure to browse the books on her Books | Prints page here.

All work by Nadia Delane @delane._ on Instagram.

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