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MoCCA 2016, here we come! Join us and win a portfolio review!

As usual, we’ll be at MoCCA and we’re delighted to announce the Second Annual MoCCA Portfolio Review Contest! Last year was a smashing success, with winners enjoying reviews by Jim Rugg, Benjamin Marra and Nathan Fox!

And guess what?

All three of them are back.

Here are the simple rules:

1) NO PORTFOLIOS. That’s right. Zero portfolios. One less than one. Nada. Please do not bring your portfolio to the table at MoCCA.
2) Come to table 120-21 and leave your name, web portfolio, email address.
3) Winners will get a one-hour online portfolio review from one of our professional illustrators. The winners choose which artist they’d like to discuss their portfolio with. Kind of like The Voice, except without Gwen Stefani. For now.

Let us know if you have any questions here on Facebook or at

We’ll see you at Table 120-121!

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