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Mini-Comics: From the Page to Production, taught by Wren McDonald, illustrator, cartoonist

Wren McDonald’s  course ‘Mini-Comics: From the Page to Production’

The goal of this course is to create Risograph-printed, narrative-based minicomics from start to finish. Students will experiment with writing and drawing short comics, and learn to use Risograph to print and assemble them. Throughout the course they will be challenged to thrive within the limitations of this printing process. Students will also learn to analyze comics not only through written and drawn techniques, but also through color, physicality and printing. This course is for students who are interested in creating comics, as well as producing thoughtful, tangible art objects. Students will complete multiple zines; the final project will be a print run of a multicolor, Risograph-printed minicomic.

NOTE: This course is held on campus at SVA.


Selection of zines and minicomic made in Wren MacDonald's Riso class

Student work for Wren’s class.

Non-Perishable, Vicki Liu
Wild, Debbie Fong
Mort, Mark Ledgerwood
Jackie’s Guide to Making a Website, Jackie Liu
Plz Smile, Jiayu Shen
Animal Magnetism, Kesley Short
It Just Appeared One Day and it Kept Coming Closer, Michelle Kwon
Tiger Balm, Gica Tam
Lil’ Grim, Noah Jodice
Memento, Alex Ling
Everything and the Machine, Jacob Terrell
Thrilling Tales from the I.P.L., Emily Lavins
Her Creation, Melody Hsieh

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