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MFAVN’s Bill Wehmann (Class of 2018) at Comic Arts Brooklyn this weekend!

What will you be showing at CAB this year? (at table D15)

I printed up two new comics for CAB this year; PRS, and Abyssal Yawn Supplemental/Duckhole. I’ll also have issues one and two of my comic Abyssal Yawn and a lot of other zines, comics and posters.

Your work has a raw honesty. When you presented your story over the summer term it was fantastic and felt like it flowed. I was surprised when you said it came together the way it did. How do you work? Do you go in with an outline or is it more off the cuff?

In the past I’ve worked more off the cuff. Part of the reason I started this program was to get better at outlining and pre-planning. I’d still like to maintain some of the feeling that comes with working off the cuff though.  I always enjoy work that seems like it was written/executed in one sitting.

What are you working on now and when/where will we be able to get it?

I’ve been working on a million projects! Lots of shorter comics that don’t have specific destinations yet. I’m also starting to work on Abyssal Yawn part three with writer Ed Steck. I’m basically constantly self publishing until I can get someone else to start putting it out for me. I try to get my comics in as many stores around the country as possible. I also sell a lot of stuff online myself.

When someone visits your table what is the one thing you’d love to hear from them?

I love when someone says they have seen my work before , or they have the first issue. Sometimes with comics it’s hard to tell what people think of your work since you are sending it out blindly and not getting a lot of feedback. It’s  always really amazing to know that someone is actually receiving and enjoying your work!

What would you dread?

I dread someone coming up to my table and telling me my rental car is getting towed.

See more of Bill’s work here!

And here:

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