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Making the most of small spaces (a decadent post for us artists)



Yeah, yeah, it’s a cliche that artists live in small spaces. But it just so happens that most of the artists we know do, indeed, live in small spaces! So we’re putting on our decadent hat and looking at some life/work/storage porn. Hey, who knows? Maybe one of these projects could inspire someone to put that vertical space to good use!

Usually when we think about vertical space we think about making storage that’s up high. But this pic made me think about the space under our feet. What’s stopping us from using the floor in those long hallways as storage? What if you had a slight step up for the length of the hall? And what if, under that slight step up, you had a ton of space to store supplies? Could be cool.

See more of the above space on






And what if we have a high ceiling in our apartment? Is there a better way to use that vertical space without taking too much square footage? I like this idea, though it’s an expensive proposition.

That is a lot of space yanked out of a little space. Thinking about how to make this on the cheap, maybe a combo of Ikea furniture like a bunk-bed, a couple of shelves, a TV wall-shelf and a few 2x4s? See the story behind this project on Inspiration Hut.












Then there’s the millionaire-in-a-small space idea…

It’s a big structure but it’s storage, workspace and a bedroom! Yup, it’s hollow and there’s a bed in there. I’m sure it’s no small task to get something like this done, but for a large-ish studio it could transform your life/work dynamic. See some more pics on Dwell.

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