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Kevin Mellon, illustrator, knows how to use Twitter right!

Kevin Mellon came to my attention after Nathan Fox praised his work on Twitter. I took a look at his portfolio site and fell hard for his work.

His style reminds me of a cross between Charles Vess (wonderful line work) and Kevin Nowlan (composition and character form).

Kevin recently wrote a piece on the Autodesk blog, where he talks about getting a job for the Archer TV series. It’s quite a tale, and an inspiration to anyone who struggles with that feeling of, “my efforts will probably lead nowhere.” Read the post if you want to learn how to use Twitter well, too 😉


Kevin Mellon

Kevin Mellon

Kevin Mellon Suicide Girls

Kevin Mellon

Kevin Mellon


From his bio: Kevin Mellon is a graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Arts. He has been working in the comic industry since his first book, GEARHEAD, debuted in 2007. He recently finished artwork on a graphic novel called ‘Lovestruck’ for AiT/PlanetLar and is currently writing and drawing his solo creator-owned series, SUICIDE SISTERS, for APE Entertainment. He also just commenced working on BOMBHEAD for Kickstart Entertainment.

Check out the Kevin Mellon blog for more.

– written by Ben Zackheim

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