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Jonathon Rosen’s book, Fantasia of Color in Early Cinema, is stunning

MFAVN faculty, Jonathon Rosen, has just released a new book titled, Fantasia of Color in Early Cinema, and it is stunning. The book is packed with images and insights into the early days of cinema and the effects that changed our perception of the world. Along with co-authors Tom Gunning, Josh Yumibe and Giovanna Fossati, the book is one of those special treasures that we get to enjoy once every few years in the publishing industry. Hopefully under the Christmas tree, or the like.

The book will receive a reception at Morbid Anatomy Museum on October 5th. Jonathon will present an illustrated lecture on the unique processes that went into making the films. The talk will include excerpts, so get your eyes ready.

You can read more about Jonathon Rosen and his work here.

Bio: Jonathon Rosen is painter, illustrator, animator, and faculty member of the MFA Visual Narrative and Illustration/Cartooning departments at The School of Visual Arts in New York. The merging of humans and machines permeates his work and aesthetics. His artist books Intestinal fortitude (Poote Press, 1990) and The Birth of Machine Consciousness (Le Dernier Cri 2003) are in the permanent collection of the New York Metropolitan Museum. He was responsible for the Ichabod Crane drawings in Tim Burton’s film Sleepy Hollow. Solo and group exhibitions include La Luz de Jesus (Los Angeles, CA), MoMA PS 1 (Long Island City, Queens), and Kunst-Werke (Berlin). Commissioned art clients include The New York Times, Hopital Brut, Rolling Stone, Time and MIT Press. Animation/video-mix performance venues include the Redcat Theater for the Los Angeles MO CA exhibition Visual Music with composer Tom Recchion.

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