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Join us for the first annual MFAVN Thesis Show, “AND THEN”

School of Visual Arts presents “And Then,” an exhibition of work by students of the MFA Visual Narrative class of 2015. Curated by department faculty members Jonathan Rosen and Ed Valentine, “And Then” is on view Friday, July 10, through Tuesday, July 28, at the SVA Gramercy Gallery, 209 East 23rd Street, New York City.

Statement from the curators:

“Stories have a way of telling us where they want to go. We may not know where a story is leading us or what it wants, but by following it we always will find ourselves in unexpected places.

“This year, the drive to express a point of view, a mystery, or an obsessive-compulsive character in a dramatic situation has led our inaugural thesis class down 14 distinct—and visually stunning—directions.

“Each student unveiled sharp and idiosyncratic visual language for a world they developed or discovered, and the character(s) who live there. These projects represent the culmination of the MFA candidates’ learning not just in this class, but in their entire SVA experience.

“Whether accompanied by web-footed demi-gods, haunted by a woman’s voice emanating from walls, exploring a town built in a digestive system, standing restless on suburban porch, entering tree-house portals, eating alone or eating the world, we invite you to enjoy this exploration of their wonderful and wild universes.”

Participating students include Ryan Ansel, Louisa Bertman, Ann Coddou, Craig Coss, Nadia DeLane, Anna Eveslage, Jennifer Goldstick, Steven Little, Melissa Malzkuhn, Ivory Nunez Medrano, Alison Paul, Jacob Reilly, Feifei Ruan and Ryan Weber.

Let us know you’re coming here!

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