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Jeff Rogers presents Summer 2014 Malleable Type ebook (by students!)

Jeff Rogers‘ typographical work is familiar to you. His work at Nike, Google, Urban Outfitters, The New York Times and Ace Hotel have likely inserted messages into your brain in the most fantastic way. Take this piece, for example…

Jeff Rogers


So you can imagine how excited a class of talented, hungry, ambitious students responded to having him as a teacher. Actually you don’t need to imagine. Download the Summer 2014 Malleable Type ebook, crafted by MFAVN citizens.

Here are some samples:

Craig-Coss[by Craig Coss]



[by Alison Paul]

Jenny Goldstick[by Jenny Goldstick]

Zachary Ares

[by Zachary Ares]

Okay, that’s enough. Download the book from the link below and check out the rest. If you’re inspired by what you see, read up on what we do, or write us and we’ll tell you more about our program. (link opens email)

The Summer 2014 Malleable Type ebook [PDF]



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