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Internal Matter: a thesis presentation by Ivory Nuñez-Medrano

Internal Matter

By Ivory Nunez-Medrano

Please join us for a special gallery presentation by Ivory Nuñez-Medrano, the creator of Internal Matter. The event takes place at 7pm on July 16th at the SVA GRAMERCY GALLERY, 209 E 23 Street, NYC.

Internal Matter is a book telling the story of Daniel, a self-taught plumber with poetic sensibilities, who becomes a  most wanted man after accidentally discovering a major threat to the sewage system of his native city. While running for his life, Daniel is forced to join a clandestine army in need of his plumbing expertise to execute their radical agenda, which includes a coup. The series of events in Daniel’s life takes place in Someday City, a post-apocalyptic society founded inside the monumental statue of Fray Montesinos, the first Dominican monk who condemned the crimes against the indigenous people of the island of La Hispaniola, perpetrated by conquistadors in the 16th century. Ivory Nuñez-Medrano’s Internal Matter explores the narrative possibilities of digitized handmade illustration, amateur poetry, descriptive writing, and vintage handbook layouts, to produce a third world sci-fi tale.


Ivory Nnunez-Medrano

Ivory Nnunez-Medrano



Join Ivory and MFAVN on July 16th at 7pm for a special presentation at SVA GRAMERCY GALLERY 209 E 23 Street, NYC.


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