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High Fidelity virtual reality is coming

Right now you and I are sitting in three dimensional space, moving through the fourth dimension and interacting in…what? The digital dimension?

Yes, don’t worry, this is going somewhere.

The people at High Fidelity are working with Oculus, Google and other big names to flesh out (pun intended) the ways we interact online. With VR appearing to be imminent, it’s a good time to evaluate how we can take our interactions beyond Facebook posts, comments and browsing.

The fact that one of the founders of the company, Philip Rosedale, is a veteran of Second Life (the online community) can be a plus or minus, depending on who you talk to. But the man has been swimming in virtual worlds for a long time so it should be fun to watch what his team accomplishes.

As of now the experience is a basic store where you can put on your headset and drag user-made worlds into your cart to try out. Basic stuff, with a lot of potential.

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