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Here are some free tools for podcasting

We all like to tell stories in our own way. If you have the podcast muse in you then you should be talking into a mic at least once a week. Share your stories, your perspective and your expertise! It’s a fun way to get out of your own head for an hour and it will attract people with your interests.

I’ve recently started up a podcast called You Should Be Writing! with my friend John Logsdon. It’s rough around the edges but we’re catching on. To me, it’s a wonderful way to talk about stuff I love with a good friend and peer. As we get more comfortable we’ll have guests on, which will help us network. The more I podcast, the more I feel like it’s the next phase in “social networking”.

Here’s a handy post from Buffer that covers some essential (free) tools for getting your podcast off the ground. Good luck and have fun!

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