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Give us your customers, Microsoft!

The Next Web is reporting that 1000 games have hit the Windows Store in the last five months. That’s good news for us creative folks.

The dominance of iOS and Android in the mobile world has had an effect on what visual storytellers can do and who we can reach. Microsoft isn’t some savior/angel but their persistent bumbling in the mobile space has made it much more difficult for developers who love their platform (and their massive audience) to build engaging stuff. That means we’re all missing out on innovations that could help us create games, apps, and stories for the small(est) screen.

Which is why it’s great news that the Windows Store is finding some success in the gaming space. On the back of the Unity game engine (which offers incredibly easy porting of existing games) Microsoft can now claim some momentum, grab the attention of devs and get back into the, uh, game…

If the Windows Store and Windows Mobile Store take off, that means millions more people could potentially have access to our work. Good deal.

Microsoft has an uphill battle on this front. There are also signs that devs are souring on the platform. But doing things right in the mobile gaming space is the best foundation they can build for a comeback.

It’s a small (somewhat awkward) step toward viability. Fingers crossed.

Devs should sign up here.

Ben Zackheim

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