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Form, Empathy, and Character Play: Caitlin Saylor Stephens, Instructor

The most compelling character discoveries are often made when a character is in crisis. The chaos of crisis feeds a plot, raises stakes, and deepens a creator’s connection to the material.

During this exercise, students created monologues using dictation as a generative method to explore their character in crisis. The process entailed recording unedited improvised confessional speeches, transcription, editing, and rerecording audio.

These Audio Confessions are a process-based exploration using interdisciplinary generative methods and character embodiment to further explore character.


Produced by Anton Campbell


Produced by Althea Flores


Produced by Srobana Bhattacharya 


Produced by Matthew Bustamonte


Produced Shenuka Corea 


Produced by Hahn Zhang 


Produced by Maya Jain 


Produced by Anya Liu 


Produced by Jack Mead 


Produced by Diana Poon 


Produced by Taylor Sanchez 


Produced by Atheeth Madhavan 


Produced by Wendie Chen 


Produced by Mariana Tapia 

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