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Five websites that inspire the storyteller in us

Part of our job is to find fresh and exciting projects, nascent trends, and strong voices. The result of this never-ending quest is quite a massive bookmarks folder! A good storyteller is always looking for a good story, right?

Here’s a smattering of some of our favorite online stops for storytelling inspiration:

Science Daily

We all need to learn some science every day. Read about the new ‘Atlas of Brain Cells’ and the latest intercepted radio waves from outer space with your morning coffee.

Big Think

If Science Daily and Vox teamed up, Big Think would be the result. The site takes the stance that a good story told by a rebel, a disruptor, is the most compelling way to learn. The breadth of their content is what brings us back day after day.


For video games news and rumors, Kotaku is a great site. But they also deliver historical and industry pieces that are great reads and the perfect touch points to stay up to date on what’s happening.

Atlas Obscura

The online version of the book we all love, Atlas Obscura’s mission is “to inspire wonder and curiosity about the incredible world we all share.” Good job on that mission, people. From “Europeans Once Drank Distilled Human Skulls as Medicine” to “Paper Engineering With Yoojin Kim”, you’ll find a curiosity to pique your curiosity.


For high-nutrition eye candy, look no further than Colossal. They pride themselves on the tag of the “Tate Modern of the Internet” which may sound lofty, but you’ll get the gist of it once you hit the homepage. Stunning photography is spread across the pages with no thought given to file size or screen dimensions. They throw the imagery of their subjects right into your eyes and dare you to slow down for a bit and stare at the thing that catches your eye for more than the usual internet-y perfunctory two seconds. Their menu includes arts, craft, design, and photography, but dig deeper and you’ll find a lot more.

This is only a small slice of our daily constitutional. What are your favorite sites to arouse your storyteller core? Let us know on Instagram and Twitter with hashtag #MFAVNInspiration

Image of Fiḍālat al-Khiwān Qatar Digital Library/Public Domain

From the article, “How a Librarian and a Food Historian Rediscovered the Recipes of Moorish Spain | A new cookbook is a translation of a rare, 13th-century volume.”

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