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Eva Louise Hall (’20) takes over and shows us tidbits of ‘Mira’

Eva Hall’s Takeover begins!

From Instagram: Good morning folks! After a wild month or two I’m happy to be back at it on Instagram today for my @mfavn take-over! I’m excited to share with you guys my current progress for my thesis film, a stop motion short entitled “Mira”. I’ll be posting updates throughout the day, so keep an eye out for new content!! .

MIRA is a stop motion-animated short about the dangers of finding self-worth through sacrifice of self. It follows the story of a young and talented accordionist as she caters to a deceptive water demon whose interests lie in harming and manipulating others for her own success and personal gain.’ .

This short clip of raw footage from the in-progress film features Mira’s Accordion Theme, composed and performed by the incredible @ericamariemancini !



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