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Emmy Cicierega’s Scarf is a taste of joy on a cold winter night like tonight

Folks, here’s a real treat.

Emmy Cicierega is an artist living in MA. You may have seen her Potter Puppet Pals around. She also does narrative work. Boy howdy, does she ever.

Her web comic, Scarf, is the sentimental, touching journey of a young woman besieged by life. We’ve all been there. Her saving grace is, well, a scarf. You have to read it to get it.

Emmy Cicierega

We like the combination of her “accessible art” (no, we can’t define it, but we know it when we see it) and her sophisticated storytelling.

Emmy Cicierega

Go read the whole thing. Scarf is worth the time.

Thanks to Kevin Mellon for the heads-up about Emmy’s work. We’ll be covering Kevin’s shenanigans soon.

Have a great Thursday!

(More of Emmy’s work can be found on her Tumblr site. You can also follow her on Twitter¬†@EmmyCic)


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