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Eating Alone: A Thesis Presentation by Anna Eveslage

Eating Alone

by Anna Eveslage

Please join us for a special gallery presentation by Anna Eveslage, the creator of Eating Alone. The event takes place at 6pm on July 16th at the SVA GRAMERCY GALLERY, 209 E 23 Street, NYC.

As social creatures, food is something we generally share with friends or family. There are many aspects of our culture that are entirely designed around the sharing of food. But, what does it look like when we don’t? Using food as a common element, Eating Alone looks momentarily into the lives of twenty-three different characters. Told through photographs and short written vignettes, the work goes beyond the simple act of eating and questions our perspectives on what it means to be alone. Sometimes, eating alone is an act of bravery. Sometimes, it is a result of being left behind. Sometimes, it is an act of necessity. Sometimes, it is something else entirely. These stories ask us to reflect on our own feelings about being alone and compare them to the experiences of others. At different times in our lives, we’ve been or known each of the characters presented. While fictional, the stories speak to an emotional truth of what it feels like to be human.





Anna Eveslage is a photographer and writer, currently living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She uses images and words together to tell stories about people, both through static and time-based works. While her stories are fictional, they focus on the shared emotional truth of what it means to be human. With a working style that is centered on attention to detail and meticulous planning, her work lives in the place where fiction and theater intersect with photography.


Join Anna and MFAVN on July 16th at 6pm for a special presentation at SVA GRAMERCY GALLERY 209 E 23 Street, NYC.

See more of Anna’s work on her personal website:

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