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Christina Mattison Ebert talks about her thesis story, Landfall

We speak with Christina about her touching and ambitious story, Landfall, a multimedia graphic novel on display at Gramercy Gallery on July 21, 2017 at 6pm (209 E 23rd St, NYC). Also join us for an Artist Talk on July 18th at 6pm at the same address.

Landfall tells the story of Maya, a smart but jaded paramedic living in Galveston, Texas, who has emotionally shut herself off from the world in the aftermath of losing a much-loved friend and mentor. However, cracks form in Maya’s steely exterior when she unexpectedly crosses paths with Tareen, a reluctant young gang member with whom she discovers she shares a hidden secret. When a hurricane strikes the island, Maya has an opportunity to help Tareen escape her tortured life in the gang, but will she risk shedding her layers of emotional protection not to mention the retaliation of a sadistic gang boss in order to save Tareen’s life?

NOTE: We had some technical difficulties on this recording. The audio is clear but we advise you turn the volume down a bit before starting the podcast.

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