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Best Sites by Artists and Writers #1: Pikaland

Maria Fernanda Arévalo

Image by Mafe


We love to find websites by creative people that offer community, storytelling and practicality. The best websites by artists and writers are powerful draws for Ms./Mr. Muse.

So, as of today, we’re starting a regular series that covers the best digital domains out there. Check them out for research. For inspiration. For when the boss is at lunch.

First up is Pikaland. The site is run by Amy Ng, a writer/illustrator with a sunny disposition and a need to feed us with inspiration. The most compelling characteristic of the site is the constant reminder to creative folks that it’s okay to be online! Just start inside your comfort zone, go easy on yourself, and expand your online presence from there.

Pikaland also dives into projects that pull the community in, including classes, zines and contests.

While not a visual tour-de-force… who cares? The design doesn’t get in the way, and that’s cool.

Visit Pikaland

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