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Beloved Beatrice by Freya von Mizener

Beloved Beatrice by Freya von Mizener is a Digital Short Story worth playing! The narrative game is a fascinating, creepy, sad experience.
The story:

To Beatrice, there’s no sign of a future, and no sign of an escape. As her home begins to feel more like a prison than a sanctuary, she can only find solace in the oblivion of sleep. One night, a mysterious girl appears in her dreams and leads Bea deeper into the unknown world of the dream. An identical girl appears and tries to turn the dream into a nightmare, destroying the peace and digging up muddy remnants of reality. When both roads lead towards the dark, where can Bea go to find what her heart really desires?

Freya’s bio:
reya is an artist and writer who grew up on comics and games, which led to a deep interest in storytelling and to the various methods that can create an emotional journey. Being of Chinese descent, she holds a deep passion towards foreign culture and history, finding great interest in eras outside of our own (be they real times from the past or completely fictional ones). If anything, her favorite subject is people and how they respond and react to the world around them. She has an obsession with cute things, a love for the sweeter delicacies in life, and holds onto a dream of someday creating a long running epic of her own.

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