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Artistpreneur? What does being an artist mean in the 21st century?

How are the changing times changing artists? It’s a fascinating question that we discuss in our program often. It can be hard to find your place in a world that moves this quickly, especially when the creative process moves at its own pace, damn the trends.

One thing appears to be happening which is both exciting and terrifying. We need each other more and more, especially as our projects leverage today’s tools. That means partnering with people in multiple professions to give our vision a chance.

I wrote about this on my own site, but from the perspective of an author — which makes sense being that I am one. In my experience, for me to see my story to its completion my process always takes me out of my own area of expertise and places me squarely in a position of needing to partner up. The experience has been remarkably satisfying, humbling and even a bit addictive…

Is this what you’re seeing? Or are you finding the solo route to be the best fit for you?

We’ll be looking at some innovative storytellers in our next post. These are artists who will inspire you while they’re entertaining you and making you think.


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