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A History of American Comic Books in Six Panels

Here’s a new comic I did for the Colgate University alumni magazine, Colgate Scene:

I drew it to accompany a very good article by Professor Paul Lopes on the evolution in the US from the comic book to the graphic novel.

For those who are curious here’s a list of the references in each panel:
panel 1: Siegel & Shuster’s Superman
panel 2: Harvey Kurtzman & Wally Wood’s parody, “Superduperman” from Mad Magazine
panel 3: an R. Crumb pastiche, featuring one of his iconic “keep on truckin'” figures
panel 4: Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen (this panel is copied pretty directly from a Vietnam flashback in the book)
panel 5: art spiegelman’s Maus (the panel I swiped the background from happens to appear in the article)
panel 6: the foreground figure is a Chris Ware character (equal parts Jimmy Corrigan and “Super-Man”) and the background is an invented out-take from the final pages of Daniel Clowes Ghost World

I even got featured in a mini-interview at the end of the article:


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