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2017 Thesis Presentations: Rosa Chang’s ‘The Weeping Trees’

THE WEEPING TREES: An illustrated picture book featuring recycled fabrics, found objects, and mixed-media collage

The Weeping Trees originally belonged to Mrs. Green, a stout, old flower shop owner. One day, Mrs. Green notices the young willow’s poor health and nasty temper. To aid in the young willow’s physical and mental development and to establish a new friendship, Mrs. Green conjoins the young willow with an old oak by grafting their branches together. Soon, the trees face difficult circumstances and must work together as one to overcome a situation they would never have been able to survive on their own. The young willow and old oak learn to rely on each other, ultimately realizing how meaningful they have become to one another.

Rosa Chang’s The Weeping Trees is a mixed-media picture book filled with whimsical illustrations created using commonly found objects and recycled materials, such as old garments, cardboard boxes, and yarns. However, behind her colorful illustrations, Chang carefully unravels the deep subjects of abandonment, newfound friendship, acceptance, and revival through the adventure had by a young willow and sturdy, old oak.

Rosa Chang works towards finding a sustainable balance between humans and the natural world through her visual storytelling. She takes her inspirations from incarnation—a cultural term she grew up with in Korea—and is a firm believer of pursuing a non-wasteful lifestyle. Thus, it is no wonder that recycled materials are craftily stitched and assembled together alongside her pencil drawings and watercolor illustrations to create worlds of unexpected textures and media collaborations. To teach the importance of sustainable living, Chang has been actively teaching natural indigo dyeing and denim mending workshops to children and adults in New York City.



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