• FM_01 is the first of three comics that take place in a post-humanist world that follow the exploits of FUCKMAN, a wandering mercenary trying to remember what the point of living was. Themes include fatherhood, post-capitalist dogma, and existentialism.

    MEDIUM: Comic Book

    CREDITS: Justin Altman


    INSTAGRAM: @neverboi

A pixelated hooded head turns in this animated gif

Justin Altman

LA/Honolulu-based Artist currently working @ Riot Games. Previous clients include Zoic, Paramount, and Disney. BFA Otis College Digital Media 2013. Ex-Military. Art is all I care about. I was born on an island in the jungle, raised by roaches. My friends tell me that I'm too "intimidating", but I don't care what they say, because all I care about is Art.