Dr. Peace in the Third Dimension

  • When crime comes knocking at your door, never fear! There’s a new cure in the city of Medopolis. It’s Doctor Peace. This doctor cures all of their will to commit crimes with his various prescribable treatments and sprays. But while Peace can be a cure in his home of the comic book dimension, when his arch nemesis sends him to the real world, everything gets turned upside down.

    Will Doctor Peace be able to survive in a world where all his gadgets and trickery have no meaning? Will he even have the skill and ability to get his degree and become a “real doctor”? Find out in the exciting new series: Doctor Peace in the Third Dimension.

    Medium: Comic
    Mentor: Anthony Marques
    Credits: Flatter, Alex Bosy. Copy Editor, Eric Walls
    Instagram: @amosstamos

Amos Stillwell

Amos Stillwell

Amos Stillwell is a cartoonist and storyboard artist originally hailing from Boston, MA. He loves drawing funny faces, reading comics, and drinking medically inadvisable amounts of coffee. When he isn’t shamelessly drawing superhero fan art, Amos loves to caricature the ridiculousness of life in comic strips. With each strip, Amos intends to not escape from reality, but to understand it more and gain a sense of humor about it. He studied Film at Emerson College and graduated with B.A. in 2017. Since then he’s been living in Los Angeles, working as a freelance artist and teaching art to students on the autism spectrum.