Thesis Work

MFA Visual Narrative proudly presents to you our collection of thesis stories. From animation to games, films to graphic novels… Welcome to the journey.

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Our Stories


Blitzar Park

by Mariah Plakas

A local theme park that moonlights as a hidden base for a migrant alien species is under threat.


Dead Girl Dreams

by Sydney Chavan

Dead Girl Dreams tells the story of timid teenager, Codi Crane, who is being plagued by strange visions while she sleeps. On the eve of Codi’s eighteenth birthday, her ex-best-friend, […]


Dr. Peace in the Third Dimension

by Amos Stillwell

When crime comes knocking at your door, never fear! There’s a new cure in the city of Medopolis. It’s Doctor Peace. This doctor cures all of their will to commit […]



by Justin Altman

FM_01 is the first of three comics that take place in a post-humanist world that follow the exploits of FUCKMAN, a wandering mercenary trying to remember what the point of […]


Guy Island

by Basya Goldstein

Keira is sick of everything in her life—her job co-running a seaside pirate inn, her quiet village—and especially the utter lack of available guys who aren’t either weird, gross, dull, […]


Kid Stardust

by Rafael Pearl

Kid Stardust: Romance of the Divine Arms is the first of a forthcoming graphic novel series written and illustrated by Rafael Pearl. It is a comical adventure story with elements […]


Smooch, Smack, Mwah!

by Erin McNichol

When a kiss-averse 8-year-old girl moves to Luxembourg—one of the kissiest places in the world—she does everything she can to avoid the local custom.



by Sean Mac

Ah, the funny section of the newspaper. Really the only section of the newspaper people care about anymore. Or do they? Do people even read the comics? Here is where […]


What We Discover Along the Way

by Rose Vincelli Gustine

Imagine a green place. A river rushes by; cardinals chirp. Walking with your friend, you find a feast: dandelion and purslane for salad, some raspberries. Now, tuck this place between […]