Shadows Become You

  • Shadows Become You

    Lily is a traumatized, alienated young woman who works the late shift at a bar in a rotting, post-industrial city. She and her two coworkers are strixes—creatures who transform into owls and feed on humans at night

Headshot of Susannah Lohr.

Susannah Lohr

I'm a multidisciplinary artist who's worked as an illustrator since 2012. Drawing has not only been my career, it's also been my lifelong hobby and my primary mode of expression. I like to create comics, illustrations, and stories inspired by personal experiences mixed with fantasy elements. Using personal experiences wrapped into fantasy worlds combines my goals in storytelling: to take the viewer / reader to worlds a bit like our own but where magic and monsters exist and to connect with others over the harshness of reality. I tend to work with subjects related to horror & fantasy, urban legends, and mythology. I'm also interested in sculpture, specifically mold-making and casting in various materials as well as metal working and welding. I love to travel and explore new places, go hiking, and experiment with new media in my artwork. I currently live in Los Angeles.