Thesis Work

MFA Visual Narrative proudly presents to you our collection of thesis stories. From animation to games, films to graphic novels… Welcome to the journey.

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Our Stories


One Eight Hundred Ghosts

by G. Davis Cathcart

One Eight Hundred Ghosts is a graphic novella about the internal and external conflicts of a team of art thieves.


Metabo – The Virtual Maze

by Tony (Chihyi) Chao

The Virtual Maze is the first chapter installment of my graphic novel Metabo.


Periwinkle and the Lost Treasure

by Maura Condrick

When a human child survives a shipwreck, she is magically transformed into a singular sea creature by a gentle cuttlefish.


Water Memory

by Elizabeth Gu

Water Memory is a web story and digital exploration of a young scientist who aims to create bioluminescent light in a sunless, dystopian world.


Snow Warrior

by Handowin Xuan He

Snow Warrior weaves together a poetic fairy tale set in Snow World, which symbolically represents the Arctic.



by Jacquelyn Kirby

Enter the abstract reality of an existential crisis. Anthea is struggling to gain control in the world around her.


Teen Spirit

by Olivia Li

A coming-of-age supernatural adventure about three teens: Lily, a budding medium, Hana, an exorcist-in-training, and Gabe, a ghost!


Shadows Become You

by Susannah Lohr

Lily is a traumatized, alienated young woman who works the late shift at a bar in a rotting, post-industrial city. She and her two coworkers are strixes—creatures who transform into […]


Mission: Red Rock

by Maria Schweitzer

Mission: Red Rock is a young-adult graphic novel about two unlikely friends that examines the tension between self-acceptance and social validation.


Tommy Lin: A Motorcycle Fairytale

by Maggie G. Vicknair

An action-packed retelling of the classic fairy tale Tam Lin, Tommy Lin: A Motorcycle Fairy Tale is a comic book coming-of-age story about love, friendship and jealousy.


The Harding Files

by Martin Xing

In this “camp noir” graphic novella, a series of bizarre crimes turns a New York sex crime detective’s life upside down.