The Space Nomad

  • The Space Nomad

    After her civilization collapses into decay, a lonely but persevering nomad wanders empty planets in a clunky spaceship that she has reluctantly made her new home. Each day, she scans for other signs of life. As she loses hope of finding any, the nomad clings to a polaroid—a relic from her happier past—and becomes increasingly obsessed with scavenging objects she finds in decaying houses. These objects help her remember her lost family and past. The more objects she collects, the stronger her memories become, but the more her ship becomes weighted down, impeding its ability to fly and properly search for life.

    One day, the  spaceship alerts the nomad it has detected a sign of life, only to find that it lies behind an impenetrable door. The nomad must choose whether to sacrifice her treasured collection of objects to open the locked door or abandon her only chance of finding something new to live for.

Headshot of Marissa Jones.

Marissa Jones

Marissa takes on projects ranging from motion graphics to infographics, videography to typography. She's been lucky to work with organizations such as the Museum of Modern Art, Austin Film Society, and the ACLU. Her last job was at Progress Texas, a nonprofit specializing in progressive statewide advocacy. Her work is often concerned with social justice, people not being jerks, and the wonders of outer space. She's based in Austin, Texas where you can find her eating large quantities of food, hiking with her dog, or being overly competitive while playing board games.