• Mira

    Ready to quit her dreams of becoming a celebrated accordionist, busking day after day for a swamp metropolis that isn’t listening, young Mira finally gets a taste of recognition one evening when she meets Lore, a mysterious and successful singer who takes an interest in Mira’s talents.

    Giving in to Lore’s charm and status, Mira finds herself playing hostess to the charismatic performer as her guest’s self-serving behaviors make her increasingly unsettled in her own home. Mira’s desire for approval from this elevated musician leaves her blinded to Lore’s hidden intentions until her apartment begins changing around her and her anxieties spiral out of her control.

Eva Hall headshot.

Eva Hall

Eva Louise Hall is an animator, stage performer, fabrication artist and contemporary storyteller. As an animator and performance artist, she produces multi-media animation installation, puppetry and projection work both locally and internationally for theater and film. Outside of her studio practice she teaches college-level film and animation studies, and is currently part of the MFAVN class of 2020. Eva Hall's mentor is Sarah de Gaudemar.