I Am Roby

  • I Am Roby

    My hometown is dying.

    At the crossroads of somewhere and nowhere is a tiny, little town called Roby. Most people pass through Roby going somewhere else. It has been declining in population for over 70 years and the projection for the next census is another decline. What makes it unique is that it’s my hometown. Who hasn’t gone back for their class reunion or to a house they used to live in and sheepishly knock on the door? For me, the place was Roby. I moved away 30 years ago after graduating from high school. Since then I’ve traveled the world, seen things, met people. I never thought I’d experience being a kid from a small town. I currently live in Connecticut and work and go to school in New York. But now I’m drawn back to my hometown.

A white figure with glasses and a suit looks at the camera.

Dan Streety

In the last 20 years Dan Streety has produced work in 5 countries, been a member of two global leadership teams and led clients in every major market and discipline but what he’s most proud of is the ideas he’s been able to develop and craft with the best teams in the world. Working his way up through small- and medium- sized advertising agencies to Publicis, one of the largest agency networks in the world, he has been able to learn, touch, and experience advertising and marketing at all of levels, from digital and promotional to million dollar commercials. His focus for the last 10 years has been integrated marketing and telling a compelling story from the product, back. He has produced work for brands like BMW, Juicy Juice, Sara Lee, GlaxoSmithKline, and many others. As the Executive Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi X, Dan managed all of the P&G brands for Walmart and Sam’s Club, including Crest, Old Spice, Iams, Swiffer, and Prilosec OTC, in addition to EA Games, Pepsi, Frito Lay, and Walmart. While at the Mars Agency he played a critical role in winning new business like Walmart, Hallmark and Chobani. Today he helps bring brand stories to life.