Gemina Umbra

  • Gemina Umbra

    Zoe Thicket is a spiritualist medium who communes with the dead. While searching for her missing twin sister Avery with the aid of a taciturn spirit guide, Zoe discovers the Ashen Tome. Gemina Umbra is a point-and-click interactive haunting about internal conflict and becoming your own worst enemy. Through the eyes of Zoe’s spirit guide, you, the player, influence Zoe in her endeavors to contact beings from the afterlife and determine her fate through the choices you make.

Amanda Sartor headshot.

Amanda M Sartor

A.M.Sartor is a freelance illustrator that resides in Seattle, WA. She graduated a very long time ago from Cornish College of the Arts, and since then has worked in video game development, children's/YA books and a myriad of other commercial illustration projects. Her work is a mix between traditional and digital media and has been featured at Krab Jab Studio, Light Grey Art Lab, Ghost Gallery, Every Day Original, Spectrum and SI-LA Illustration West.