• Belongings

    Belongings is an immersive memory box that uses the medium of virtual reality to bring an embodied immediacy to one woman’s life story. The viewer interacts with her personal photographs, documents, artwork, and possessions in an intimate space where the present and past coexist in an interactive biography.

Headshot of Carol Silverman with a Kermit puppet.

Carol Silverman

Carol Silverman is a painter and an Emmy award winning set decorator for film and television. Her decorating work can be seen on Saturday Night Live, HBO series Boardwalk Empire, feature film Rough NIght, and many others. She was a creative advisor to the NYU Future Realities Lab production of "Holojam in Wonderland" VR theater installation at the 2017 Future of Storytelling conference and part of the production team for the VR Arcade at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival.