Sole Seoul Soul

  • Sole Seoul Soul

    A story about a grim reaper who has lost himself.

Photo of a white woman with brown hair, wearing a teal cardigan over an orange shirt, drawing.

Katie Silver

Kathryn Silver was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. She earned her BFA in sequential art from SCAD in 2012, has done flatting for comics, freelanced, and now is finding a way to improve the never ending clashing relationship between her artwork and her writing at SVA. Her eclectic passions include animals, such as her dog and cat, Dragon Ball Z and Korean Dramas. She is passionate about telling meaningful stories that evoke emotion. She is currently working on her comic “Paper Triangle” about drawings coming to life along with self publishing other short stories she has made over the past few years and selling them at conventions.  Her mentor is Ken Niimura.