Ode to Orleans

  • Ode to Orleans

    Ode to Orleans questions what it means to be strong, specifically the different kinds of being strong. It can be hard to value your own strengths and recognise them for what they are. The story also dives into the difficulties of finding a place for yourself in this world. All that, with a pinch of humor.

Gabi Berkers

Drawing is my favorite way to pass time and collect my thoughts. No matter where I do it - my quiet study or a busy cafe - making illustrations brings me joy and new discoveries about feelings and thoughts I can’t find in other ways. I started my own company as a freelancer. I’ve been working for different companies creating motion graphics, illustrations, graphic design, storyboards, and presentations. However, after four years I discovered my heart wasn’t purely into animation and graphic design. Instead I found joy in drawing and painting in my spare time, experimenting with different materials and with styles while trying to share a story, a feeling. I hadn’t considered leaving Amsterdam and living abroad much until I visited New York and found the School of Visual Arts. I’m very happy with taking that risk now. After the program I want to step into the professional field with a better understanding of what makes me unique as an artist and use this to start my career as an illustrator and graphic novelist. Her mentor is Benjamin Schipper.