Thesis Work

MFA Visual Narrative proudly presents to you our collection of thesis stories. From animation to games, films to graphic novels… Welcome to the journey.

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Our Stories



by Roda Al-Thani

A girl sets on a nautical journey in 1930’s Qatar to find her missing father.


Sun Cell

by Alexandra Barsky

Yam is a teenage boy that lives in Battery City, a militaristic commune with a daily conscription lottery. The society within Battery City is very insular and information about the ...    More


Negative Space

by Jenny Bee

Brenna and Reed are two art students that view media in vastly different ways. Brenna is extremely critical, wanting perfection in everything, whereas Reed prefers to give media a pass, ...    More



by Ethan Gould

Val, a young scavenger with a strange medical condition, navigates the layers of the city of Pericardia. Val feels a kinship with Pericardia: burdened with an autoimmune disorder that causes ...    More


On Silent Ground

by Matthew Murphy

On Silent Ground takes place in the 67th century and follows Jenart Bench, a posthuman Sycean Machine. In the fall of 6659, Jenart takes his son, Aleph, to shadow him ...    More



by Shannon O'Halloran

Coupling follows two artistic lovers, with past failed marriages, struggling to live together for the first time. Set amidst the violence and loneliness of New York City, it deals with ...    More


Medicine Man

by Kenny Nam

Dancing Ghost is born into a royal family of the Red Valley, home planet of the intergalactic exorcists. As an only child of the queen and the sole heiress to ...    More



by Jie Ren

Detour is a graphic novel based on Jie’s experience as a Chinese immigrant. Jie explores questions of identity, nationality, and alienation through an odyssey across an American landscape that is ...    More


Aroe Maiwu

by Luísa Ulhoa

Aroe Maiwu is a story about dealing with grief, self-discovery, unconditional love, and how one woman’s personal journey to the Amazonian unknown makes her reevaluate her ideas and show her ...    More