Landfall  is a multimedia graphic novel that tells the story of two women — one a jaded paramedic and the other a reluctant gang member — who inadvertently cross paths and discover that they share a hidden secret. When a dangerous storm sets its sights on their island home of Galveston, Texas, the women have a chance to change each others’ lives for the better — but at a great risk.

    Landfall, which incorporates video, photo-illustration, sound, and music is designed to be a uniquely digital experience accessible on any device from a 27″ desktop iMac to a pocket-sized smart phone.

Headshot of Christina Ebert.

Christina Mattison Ebert

Christina is a multimedia narrative artist, writer, director, and overall big fan of smashing together different media to create compelling images and stories. Christina enjoys blending her background in illustration and design with film and animation to create digital narratives that are accessible across multiple devices, from desktop computers to smartphones. Her MFA Visual Narrative thesis project, Landfall, is a multimedia graphic novel that fuses live action video with photo-illustration, telling the story of a paramedic and a young gang member who cross paths during a hurricane and have the opportunity to change each others' lives. As evidenced by Landfall, Christina is passionate about creating narratives that feature women and minorities in a variety of roles. Check out the story online at