• Bruja

    When Esther, a spirited young girl from a small Jewish neighborhood, gets labeled a witch in taunts from her Catholic school classmates, she embraces being one. Despite the further scrutiny it brings to her guarded traditional community, Esther enjoys the mystery and power that comes with being a witch. She also likes that it’ll help ward off potential suitors that her mother is so keen on her winning over. Besides folk tales, Esther knows little about witches, but understands that they are women with a special connection to the natural world that are feared, yet in control of their own destiny. Esther resists following the women before her and, in trying to carve her own path, she loses sight of ties that are important to her.

Michelle Nahmad

Michelle Nahmad is a designer & illustrator, originally from Miami, FL. She received her BFA in Communication Design and Art History at Washington University in St. Louis before starting in the MFA Visual Narrative program.