• One day, in a small fishing village, a strange plague strikes. Many seagulls die mysteriously and the villagers don’t understand why. A young sashimi chef believes the matter is not a simple one. While trying to find some clues, he accidentally falls into a strange underwater world.There, he discovers the real cause of the strange event. Meanwhile, a more fearful truth is beginning to emerge, worse than he ever could have imagined…

    The mystery and suspense develop with the main character’s mental illness, and he is increasingly unable to tell the difference between what is a dream and what is reality. The story is inspired by Ruan’s nightmares. It expresses the feeling of fear and brings the nightmares to life.

    Ruan approached the work in a unique style meant to reflect the dark and heavy tone of the story. In terms of format, Ruan experimented with a few different directions and ended up making a unique picture book/graphic novel hybrid.This book will deliver a tangible representation of a beautiful nightmare – Good Night.

Headshot of Fei Fei Ruan.

Feifei Ruan

Feifei Ruan is a Chinese illustrator and comic artist based in New York City. Her works can be seen on book covers, magazines, and murals. Her clients include Penguin Random House, Harper Collins, and BuzzFeed.