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Looking for a last minute gift? Check out these comics, coloring books, novels and more — all created by our students and faculty!

Craig Coss Goddess Coloring Book

The Goddess Coloring Book: Traditional Images to Contemplate & Color (Craig Coss)

 Read the myths, histories, and contemplate the mysteries of eighteen goddesses from around the world. Detailed brush & ink illustrations derived from ancient and traditional images convey a power, beauty, and significance still potent for our world today. These portraits of the divine feminine invite you to look deeply, ask questions, and uncover new under-standings as you give them your time and attention, breathing life into them as you color.

The Camelot Kids: Book One (Ben Zackheim)

What would you do if an odd girl in a cloak told you, “You know you’re a descendant of King Arthur’s knight, Lancelot, right?” You’d probably do the same thing 14-year-old New Yorker Simon Sharp does. Back away nice and slow. But Simon learns the truth when he’s kidnapped by a drunk troll, rescued by a 7-foot man named Merlin, and thrown into training with 149 other heirs of the Knights of the Round Table. Can Simon survive a prophecy that predicts the world will be saved through its destruction? The Camelot Kids is about one boy’s struggle to make it to tomorrow in a world both real and fantastic.


Dogs of War (Nathan Fox)

DOGS OF WAR is a graphic novel that tells the stories of the canine military heroes of World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War. This collection of three fictional stories was inspired by historic battles and real military practice. Each story tells the remarkable adventures of a soldier and his service dog and is rendered with fascinating and beautiful detail, bringing to life the faithful dogs who braved bombs, barrages, and battles to save the lives of countless soldiers.

The Art of the Ballpoint (Matt Rota)

 Matt Rota
The Art of Ballpoint offers a historical perspective of the pen as an art medium and how it has evolved and grown in popularity. The book features several leading contemporary ballpoint artists who are creating complex and provocative masterpieces. They discuss their methods, the messages in their work, and their personal connections to the pen.
Carefully selecting and reproducing frames from the original film of movies made before World War I, Gunning, Yumibe, Fossati, and Rosen share the images here in a full range of tone and colors. Accompanying essays discuss the history of early film and the technical processes that filmmakers employed to capture these fascinating images, while other contributions explore preservation techniques and describe the visual delights that early film has offered audiences, both then and now. Featuring three hundred color illustrations for readers to examine and enjoy,Fantasia of Color in Early Cinema will engage scholars and buffs alike.


Prints (Jeff Rogers)

buy-now-vector_pillCheck out Jeff Rogers beautiful prints on his website. His work includes the beautiful ‘Nothing We Need Ever Dies’, screen printed with metallic gold and black on dark gray paper and ‘Enjoy Life’ (which glows in the dark!)


What Would Jesus Craft? (Ross MacDonald)

buy-now-vector_pillWhat Would Jesus Craft? is a hilarious take on a Sunday school’s craft book, featuring 30 simple projects that are all made from commonly found items like popsicle sticks, glitter, yarn, and pipe cleaners.


buy-now-vector_pillSometimes it seems like it’s hard to say anything interesting about New York City. Old New Yorkers already know everything. New New Yorkers don’t know enough yet.

When we decided to make a book about the city, we took it as a challenge: Find new perspectives on a place that we all either know too well, or not at all. It helped, perhaps, that our contributors were themselves new to town, all of them graduate students at the School of Visual Arts. Each piece was produced in only a few summer weeks with little time to spare. These pages represent the best work of our students, each experimenting with a visual style or voice that was unfamiliar to them.